Lider Mermer Sanayi was founded in Saraylar, Marmara Island, in 2003.The Company was licensed for operating quarry, in 2005.The Company's history backs to 1957.The Company started in business as a shareholding family company. Lider Mermer is operated by the founder's grandsons.Mr Halit Keleş,founder of our company, introduced in the marble industry with the partnership of renk taş in 1957.Gained a permanent position in the market for a period of 13 years,the founder Mr Halit Keleş has subsequently assumed foundation of Hamtaş Mermer Ltd.Şti. and operated the marble plant in Habibler/İstanbul till 1997.Within this period, he founded Hastaş Mermer Sanayi Ltd.Şti.and started manufacturing marble blocks in Marmara Island,in 1992.In a short while after his death the Company's management was handed over to his sons Vahit Keleş and Bilal Keleş.The Company was separated from Hamtaş and Hastaş respectively,and gained its present identity.Lider Mermer is capable of manufacturing marbles of any type and size from Marmara marble. The Company's business is constantly growing with increased manufacturing capacity,and

widened customer portfolio. The Company has a manufacturing capacity of
600 m3 block/month
11000 m2 cutted block
500 m2 gangsaw
150 m3 rough stone
Lider Mermer started export business,while holding its well established position in the domestic market.The Company runs its business with the mission of generalizing the use of Marmara marble.Lider Mermer does business according to customer requirements,and in order basis.